The Indigo Highway connects us as a global community.

Indigo Highway is about the Journey.  Your Journey...Our Journey...The Journey.  Wherever that takes you, we're all on this journey together.  We are connected by the beautiful Indigo sky above and the beautiful Indigo waters below.  The connection to people and places are what we feel make our lives rich and fulfilling.  The Indigo Highway Journey is where we share stories of those who are on this journey with us - The Modern Nomads who inspire us to get outside our comfort zone, to create our own path, wherever that may lead.  We are all here for a short amount of time and we're doing our best to embrace each moment with a sense of adventure, gratefulness and kindness, so that in the end, we can look back and say - "Wow - what a ride!"

If you are interested in being a Modern Nomad Ambassador,  please email us @ IndigoHighway@icloud.com.  Thanks for sharing this journey and your stories with us.  Now, get busy Embracing your Journey!



We are all connected!

In the Indigo Highway flagship store in Park City, Utah we began a connector map of the Indigo Highway family.  One pin is where you sign the wall and this pin is connected to your dream place.  This "dream place" could be the place you dream of visiting, or the place that, when you dream, this is where you go.  When you look at this map you see how easily we are all connected.  When people sign the wall, we have so much fun hearing stories of why this is the dream spot.  Unfortunately, there isn't as much time to sign as there was when we first opened, but we're brainstorming ideas of how to continue this fun in a digital format.  Stay tuned...