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Yoga + The Emerald Isle with Steph!

Yoga + The Emerald Isle with Steph!

Meet Stephanie Jacobs - Park City Resident, Amazing Human Being, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker as well as a fellow Modern Nomad.  Steph is always on the go.  If she's not water skiing at Flaming Gorge, gardening at her log cabin - hand built by her husband - touring the country in her RV, you can find her getting her inner zen on somewhere around the world. 

We are in awe of Steph's ability to spread joy, gratitude and enthusiasm wherever she goes despite living with unimaginable loss.  She recently traveled to Ireland for a yoga workshop with her husband Jake - who is also a Rockstar.  We thought this sounded so amazing, we wanted to hear all about it and thought you would too!  We were able to convince Steph to share her recent adventure with us and she graciously accepted.  Read about her yoga journey to Ireland and beyond.  

First we go through a little travel Q + A with Stephanie to get to know her better.


1.  Please share with us your favorite travel memory. 

I believe my most favorite travel memory is also my first travel experience. My parents let me tag along with them and their dear friends to visit New England in the fall. We visited 7 states in just over a week. Even with being barely a teenager and not thinking my parents were all that cool, I remember being awe struck by the beauty I was witnessing.  It was so different from anything I had seen or experienced. The vastness of the ocean, the majestic color of the leaves, the quaint syrup farms and fishing villages, to the grandness of the Vanderbilt mansion. Maybe, my parents knew this experience would instill a love of travel. As soon as we returned home I began dreaming about the places I wanted to see next.

2.  Is there a favorite meal or food experience you've had while traveling that stands out in your mind?  

My favorite meal would be the night I got engaged, for many different reasons as you can imagine. My husband proposed on my birthday at a restaurant outside of Napa Valley by the name of Cyrus.  The minute I walked in the door it felt as if I was transported to a land of make believe. I thought perhaps I was in Alice and Wonderland. The waiters were all in tuxes, there were champagne and caviar carts, one extraordinary dish after the next, and my personal favorite a dessert cart at the end. Truly an unforgettable experience.

3.  Do you have 3 essential items you always have packed in your carry on? 

My 3 essential carry on items are my Ipad so I can read and watch movies, my Bose noise canceling headphones, and my pink very cozy blanket.

4.  What fuels your wanderlust and love of adventure?

I believe connection is what fuels my love of travel and adventure. Connection to new people, connection to new lands, connection to nature, and ultimately a deeper connection with myself. 

5.  Do you have a favorite book or movie about travel?

I absolutely love the movie  Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.  The way the winds blow when it's time to move on...the calling of distant lands coupled with an internal longing to plant roots.  You get the picture.  : )

6.  What's next on your bucket list?  

My next big trip planned is in October of next year. I will be taking a river boat cruise down the Rhine River in Germany over Oktoberfest. Pretty darn exciting! That being said I am moving to Hawaii for the whole month of June. Much to look forward to!!

Here's Steph's story about her recent YOGA trip to Ireland!

Steph8 mid.jpg

Downward Facing Sheep...

I recently had the opportunity to visit Ireland through the lens of a yogi. I attended a yoga retreat held by a dear friend in County Claire, Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher Retreat.  The retreat center was beyond charming, nestled deep in the Irish countryside surrounded by hand built stone walls that were centuries old overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Visiting another country with a yoga focus allows you to soak up the culture in a different way. Each day began by focusing on meditation, movement, and our co-exixtence with nature. Having this time for reflection and self inquiry equips you with a sense of presence as you immerse yourself in the beauty of places like the Cliffs of Moher, the ancient castles, cathedrals, and the myriad of local pubs all with their unique flare of a “sing-song.” Irish pubs rock!! 

Antrim Coast

Antrim Coast

Our food was prepared daily by a handful of lovely, talented women. The cuisine was exquisite, all prepared with fresh whole ingredients that were locally grown onsite. The chefs educated me on the love of Irish Gin and we obligingly, polished off each day with a shot to celebrating a days work well done. Not a bad ritual if you ask me. 

IrelandDublin Guinness.jpg

"Irish Pubs Rock!"

 The Irish culture is rich in music, art, literature and poetry all expressed with warmth and laughter, often enhanced with a sprinkle or two of Irish whiskey or a pint of Guinness. The Irish people have a deep love of family and folklore. Their ability to look back in history and view years of hardship and suffering with a sense of humor is simply refreshing. Their pure positive nature is down right contagious. 

Steph7 mid.jpg

He's Hooked!

"He's decided he wants to be an international yogi"

What I haven’t told you is my husband tagged along with me. He claims” he is as flexible as a fork.” After his experience in Ireland he’s decided to be an International yogi. Proof that the yoga experience isn’t limited to just the “pretzel bending vegan girl,” but speaks to all types, shapes, sizes, vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and your flexatarians. 

For both my husband and myself, Ireland is at the top of our list for a must see and must do again.

We asked Stephanie why yoga is so important to her.  Why she would travel all the way to Ireland to participate in a Yoga workshop...


Why I Love Yoga 

"Yoga isn't something you do, it's who you are."

Yoga isn’t something you do its something you are. It’s so much greater than the movements you create on the mat. Yoga is an expression of the soul. I found yoga after the loss of my son Wesley. It was the single best thing I could have done on my road to healing. Yoga put me on a fast track to the deepest parts of myself. Teaching me presence and self awareness, gifting me with compassion to be exactly where I am at any given moment and to embrace all parts of myself. The good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s allowed me to tap into my internal fire or tapas, showing me I have the strength to overcome whatever life throws at me and the grace to let go of the things that no longer serve me.

Yoga taught me how to breathe again and what could be more important than the life sustaining act of breathing.

We couldn't be more grateful for Stephanie sharing her adventure with us and we look forward to following along virtually on her next getaway!  Make sure to follow her too on Instagram. @StephanieJewellJacobs

If you haven't visited Ireland, make sure it's on your list.  The beauty, the people, the music, the landscapes, the history, oh and yes, the beverages, all make Ireland a place you'll to long to visit again and again. 

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